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Excursion ' TOUR DE L’ILE EN JEEP '

Discover the history and culture of the Mayan people during a visit to a traditional Mayan Village, then see the natural beauty of Cozumel as you circle the island aboard your comfortable Jeep. Cozumel has long been home to the Mayan people, dating back over 1000 years when it was an important stop in the trade routes as well as the center of worship for the Goddess of Fertility, Ixchel. Descendants of these first inhabitants have populated the island since then, and many of their ancient traditions remain strong even today. During your visit to the Mayan House replica you will see traditional, thatched-roof Mayan house, medicinal plants, cooking techniques and learn about the myths, histories and beliefs of the Mayan World. Next stop is the tequila state, where you will hear the history of tequila and have free sampling of different flavors. After your tour of the village, you will walk along a trail as the guides show you the tequiniques for Tequila making and explain the different types and what is areal and fake tequila. You will taste, and savor the tequila types and learn to identify the tequla for cooking to tequila that should be used for blending and finally tequila that is best for sipping. Then you will go across the island to the eastern shore for stunning views of the island’s undeveloped coastline. Travel past ancient black rock formations protruding from the sea, making a quick stop at a place called The Lookout, great photo spot, evidence of the island’s beginnings beneath the ocean. You’ll see beautiful white-sand beaches, tropical low-jungle vegetation and of course, the iridescent waters of the Caribbean. You will then go into Punta Sur Ecological Park. Here you will viist the crocodile area a small Mayan Ruin and Couzmel's southern Lighthouse. After that you will head to the Beach which is inside the protected park where you will have a guided tour of a snorkel on the reef and once you have finished ma mexican buffette Lunch will be ready. After Lunch you will finish the cirlcle of the island and return to the comfort of your ship.
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Adultes US$ 100.00
Enfants (3 à 13 ans) US$ 70.00
Durée 6 heures (environ)
Niveau Difficulté moyenne Difficulté moyenne
Type Parcours naturaliste Parcours naturaliste
Balnéaire Balnéaire
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Dégustation Dégustation
Not appropriate for most guests with physical disabilities or who use walking aids such as canes, walkers, or wheelchairs.Space is limited.