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Kagoshima is home to three sites whose important historical and cultural role in Japan’s industrial revolution was internationally recognised by the award of UNESCO World Heritage status. On this tour we will visit a magnificent garden, a fascinating museum and a historic residence before ending our excursion with some retail therapy and a tasting experience at a shochu distillery.

Ce que nous allons voir
  • Sengan-en garden
  • Shoko Shuseikan museum
  • Ijinkan (former residence of foreign engineers)
  • Shopping in the district of Tenmonkan
  • Visit to shochu distillery with tasting experience

Ce que nous allons vivre
  • Leaving the port behind, we will travel by coach along the coastline to reach the magnificent Sengan-en garden, a traditional Japanese garden offering stunning views over the bay and Sakurajima volcano in the distance.
  • Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2015, the garden was created in 1658 by the powerful Shimazu family who occupied the nearby residence for over 350 years and played a crucial role in the modern industrialisation of Japan in the nineteenth century.
  • After admiring the natural beauties of this wonderful place, we will pay a visit to the nearby Shoko Shuseikan museum located in an old factory which, dating back 150 years, was the first stone building to be built in a western style in Japan.
  • Also recognised as a World Heritage Site, the museum houses artefacts that document the life of the Shimazu family, their contributions to industry and the technological evolutions that arrived from the West which would later contribute to Japan’s modernisation in the late nineteenth century.
  • We will continue our tour with a stroll through the shopping district of Tenmonkan, where we will have the opportunity to buy souvenirs or perhaps sample some local street food such as the shirokuma polar bear ice drink or traditional Kagoshima ramen.
  • Before returning to the ship, we will visit the Satsuma Muso distillery which produces a famous brand of shochu, a traditional Japanese spirit not unlike European brandy, completing our visit with a tasting experience and a tour of the factory.

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