Munakata,Kushida & Canal city without lunch

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First, we drive to Munakata Shrine. One of the oldest shrines in Japan, Munakata Taisha Shrine has been venerated since ancient times as housing the god of paths, and many visitors pray for nautical and traffic safety.

The “Miare Festival” takes place during Munakata Shrine’s Fall Festival from October 1 through 3. About 400 fishing boats decorated with colorful flags and textiles sail for about an hour to transport a portable shrine by sea from Oshima to Konominato. Miare Festival is one of the most famous shrine rituals in Japan.

Next stop will be the Kushida Shrine.The shrine of Hakata Gion Yamakasa is dedication,Yamakasa is the decoration float and this is on display all year round. It has been nicknamed "Kushida-san" and loved from the people in Hakata.

After Kushida Shrine, we will visit the Canal city where you will have some free time for shopping and eating before returning to the ship.

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