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You will find Hakodate Asaichi (Morning Market) on a corner close to Hakodate Station, tempting visitors with an array of delectable fresh Hakodate produce. The Morning Market is open for business from as early as 5 am (6 am during the winter) and closes at noon. Seafood, vegetables, fruit and sweets are just some of the edibles available for purchase. Enjoy a spot of shopping at the market and be sure to check out the live crabs and shellfish in their massive tanks.

The Hakodateyama Ropeway departs from the Motomachi District and is a three-minute trip across the sky to enjoy an exotic city view.  Please enjoy beautiful landscape.  Next, you will visit Motomachi, One of Hakodate's charms is attractive hills and slopes. When you go up Motoi-zaka Slope, passing the Old British Consulate of Hakodate on the left side, you soon reach Motomachi Park. This is a park built on the place where the Hakodate magistrate's office and Hokkaido Development. The Old Public Hall of Hakodate Ward, located next to Motomachi Park, is a representative wooden Western-style building built in 1910 and is now designated as a National Important Cultural Property. The reception room embellished with marble and gorgeous furnishings is well worth seeing. You can get a sweeping view of the sea from Hachiman-zaka Slope and many films, dramas and TV commercials have been shot there. The top of the slope is the best place for a bird's-eye of Hakodate Port. After visiting Motomachi, go back to the port.

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