Kochi Cultural Sightseeing & Shopping

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On this half-day tour, we get to explore the history of Kochi. Kochi Castle is one of just twelve Japanese castles to have survived the fires, wars and other catastrophes of the post-feudal age. It was first built between 1601 and 1611, but most of its main buildings date back to 1748 when they were reconstructed after a fire. The castle used to be the seat of the Yamauchi lords, who ruled over the surrounding region, then known as Tosa, during the Edo period. The castle buildings have since been designated "important cultural properties", and now house local treasures and historical objects. Kochi Castle Museum of History displays a wide range of historical documents, arts and crafts unique to the Kochi Prefecture. Interactive exhibitions, videos and media equipment are utilised to ensure a fun museum experience for both adults and children alike. The museum has a great view of Kochi Castle from the lobby. In addition, a café, museum gift shop and an information booth on local culture and tourism can be found on site. Hirome market is in the centre of Kochi, near the castle. Opened in 1998, this very unique market was all about creating a tourist destination to spread knowledge of Kochi's food, friendliness and artistic culture. In fact, Hirome comes from the Japanese verb hiromeru, meaning to propagate. The name was also chosen because Hirome Shigeaki, a popular minister to the lord of Tosa during the Tokugawa period, is said to have lived in the same place. Before returning to the ship, we will have time to enjoy some shopping at a local shopping centre.

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