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After the pick up in the pier, we will enjoy a tour with wonderfull landscapes that includes a trip in cable car from Central Beach to Laranjeiras Beach.You will have a privilege panoramic view of the city, the bay, the river and the Atlántica tropical jungle. The tour offers 3 stops: Barra Sul Station is the starting place, with a combination of nature and entertainment in a fantastic 360º panoramic view.Our tour along 240 meters takes us to the top of Aguada hills, the most marvellous landscape to see the coast line, betwen two spaces built in steel and concrete. It is 4 different levels: Entrance and exit, showroom, Angelo Antonio Bogo Auditorium and the Free Culture Stage, that is in the opened area where there are artistic shows. The Atlántica Tropical jungle Station has a funfair, with a 60 thousand square meters area and arond 500 meters of ecologic buildings. Durind the walk we will have some information about how to preserve the plants, nature, and animals. During our walking tour we will see different forest points: First one from Balneario Camboriu to Navegantes Beach, to the other side a beautiful Atlantic Ocean Landscape and the third view Laranjeiras Beach. Back to the cable car, now is time to go down to Laranjeiras beach cable car station; it has a singular spiral architecture that is inspiriting in the marines shells of the Brazilian coast. The beach of it same name station has a calm and clear water and is it perfect to swim in their waters, one of the most beautiful beaches in Santa Catarina. There is a long corridor between the station and the sea where is possible to find 100 meters of boulevard, with handicraft shops, sea products and some restaurants. You will have time to taste the Brazilian typical area meals, rent a kayak or a boat to enjoy the beach before we will take the Escuna Pirata to back on board.