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This tour will take us to a place where we can feel free and relax in a traditional Korean spa. At soon as we enter the Spaland, we will feel a sense of calm and soak up the peaceful atmosphere. While we are there, we can be invigorated by various springs and spas. The next stop will be Bupyeong Market. It is also known as Kkangtong (tin can) Market. It earned that unusual name when it had a variety of canned goods imported from the United States for the US forces stationed in Korea during the Korean War. It was also known as ‘Dottegi (bustling flea) Market’. Finally, we will return to the ship.

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Please Note: Guests under age of 13 cannot enter the spaland. due to local laws and regulations, tatooed and wounded guests cannot enter the hot spring. It is also forbidden to use any swim suit. Guests are expected to be nacked. The order of the itinerary may vary. The bus ride depends on the order of the itinerary. Space is limited, therefore we strongly suggest to book early. Due to travel season in Korea, heavy traffic jam will be expected. The clear view of the landscape is subject to the weather conditions. Wear low-heeled, comfortable walking shoes.It is strongly suggested to prepare Korean won before arrival.

English & other European tour guides are subject to availability.